Triple C Electric's design-assist and cost / value assessment services distinguish us from our competitors. Early participation facilitates a fast-track schedule and allows construction to get underway before completion of design documents. By evaluating the Owner's unique requirements, Triple C Electric can recommend cost-effective, quality-enhancing solutions. Our approach to estimating becomes more thorough and detailed as the design process moves forward. We implement meticulous cost controls to complete the project on time and in budget.


Project Management



Triple C Electric offers a Project Management team with extensive experience. We will assist you from the conception of your project until the end. We make every effort to ensure each one of our projects is a success for everyone involved.


Triple C Electric specializes in all aspects of electrical contracting. Early planning, clearly defined roles, and a team-focused approach streamline our processes and enable us to deliver the highest level of service during any phase of a project – from design through closeout.



Design Build



Triple C Electric's design-build services allow clients to benefit from an integrated approach that results in cost-efficiencies and a well coordinated project. This single-source responsibility for all design and construction activities provides timely information for our clients to make informed and intelligent decisions that can add to overall project efficiency. With design-build, everyone works in concert throughout the entire project with the common goal of providing a quality product at a competitive price.






Our pre-fabrication capabilities allow us to increase quality and efficiency while standardizing our products and reducing labor costs. We are constantly striving for more innovative prefabrication solutions to maximize value for our clients. Additionally, our facility has ample warehouse space for storing, organizing, and staging material.



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